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Web Development Top 10 Articles for the Past Month (v.May 2018)

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For the past month, we ranked nearly 1,500 Web Development articles to pick the Top 10 stories that can help advance your career (0.7% chance).

  • Topics in this list: Programming, Design Checklist, Job, Testing, Development Environment, Lazy Loading, Front End, Performance, API, Chromium
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As an article ranking service for professionals, we take quality very seriously and make sure each article you read is great. Mybridge AI considers the total number of shares, minutes read, and uses our machine learning algorithm to rank articles. This is a competitive list and you’ll find the experience and techniques shared by the Web Development leaders useful.

Course of the month:

A) Beginners: The Web Developer Bootcamp. [72,052 recommends, 4.7/5 stars]

B) JavaScript: Accelerated JavaScript Training. [1,899 recommends, 4.8/5 stars]

Rank 1

How to think like a programmer?—?lessons in problem solving. Courtesy of Richard Reis

Rank 2

Front-End-Design-Checklist: The Design Checklist for Creative Web Designers and Patient Front-End Developers. Courtesy of David Dias

Rank 3

How I landed a full stack developer job without a tech degree or work experience. Courtesy of Charlie Jeppsson

Rank 4

Software Testing Anti-patterns · Codepipes Blog. Courtesy of Kostis Kapelonis

Rank 5

Epic Development Environment using Windows Subsystem for Linux. Courtesy of John Woodruff

Rank 6

Lazy Loading Images and Video | Web Fundamentals | Google Developers. Courtesy of Jeremy Wagner

Rank 7

Scroll to the future: Tour of latest CSS and JavaScript features that make navigating around a single page smooth & beautiful . Courtesy of Anna Selezniova and Andy Barnov

Rank 8

Case study: analyzing the Walmart site performance. Courtesy of Ivan Akulov

Rank 9

Oh Man, Look at Your API!. Courtesy of Alexey Kuznetsov

Rank 10

Custom Chromium Build to Reverse Engineer Pop-Under Trick. Courtesy of LiveOverflow


10 new open-source Bootstrap themes.

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